Lincs 2025 Festival

Welcome to #Lincs2025 – the Province of Lincolnshire 2025 Festival

In the five years from our Festival launch date of January 18th 2020 we aspire to raise £2.25m to support the work of the MCF, or Masonic Charitable Foundation. The Foundation uses the funds we raise to support Freemasons and their families in times of financial hardship, and, at any time, other worthwhile causes without specific links to Freemasonry.
Even in the years when we are not in Festival, MCF funds continue to flow into our Province, providing the financial support vital in so many ways, so whatever we raise through this Festival will come back into the Province eventually. In 2018/19 alone that support amounted to almost £400,000. Perhaps you, a member of your family, someone you know, or an organisation you support has been supported by the MCF. And if not today, perhaps one day you’ll need such support yourself.
In our video above, you’ll hear first-hand about the positive effects of your generosity from the people who have experienced it. But fundraising is not all about money; it’s about having fun too. Get involved with events; create your own; support those of others, but above all have a good time. Do what you can. You’ll hardly notice a small but regular donation, but the Festival total will.

To make a donation visit our "How to Donate" page. Thank you.

Read the Lincs 2025 Festival Launch Brochure – including honorific details.

Provincial Charity Steward Pete Tong explains the Festival system here.

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Want to get publicity before and after your Festival event? Contact a member of the Provincial Communications Team, listed below; they’ll be pleased to help – or get in touch with the Provincial Communications Officer Stuart Pearcey

Provincial Communications Team
Steve Shucksmith
Bob Smith
Michael Haynes
Christopher Watkin
Neil Hollingsworth
Dave Sharpe
Jon Hollis
Ryan Dolby
Peter Tasker
Gary Hurst
Chris Jones
Chris Fletcher
Dennis Holmes
Barry Turner
Paul Guille
Shawn Nye
Andy Bagworth
David Stiff

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