Masonic Centres

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Alford Masonic Centre


Masonic Hall
Chapel Lane
LN13 9DP


Hamilton Lodge No. 1600
Second Monday October to May Inclusive. Installation March.


No Chapter meets at Alford

Barton Upon Humber Masonic Centre

Masonic Hall
Brigg Road
DN18 5DH


St. Matthew Lodge No. 1447
Third Tuesday September to May inclusive. Installation November.

Lodge of Established Order No. 9822
First Tuesday, March, June, September and November. Installation March.


St. Matthew Royal Arch Chapter No. 1447
Second Tuesday, November, January, March (I), and May.

Boston Masonic Centre


Masonic Hall
Main Ridge West
PE21 6QQ


Lodge of Harmony No. 272
Second Tuesday, October to May inclusive. Installation January.

Franklin Lodge No. 838
First Thursday October to May inclusive. Installation October.

Lindis Lodge No. 4690
Third Thursday, October to May inclusive. Installation February.

Pilgrim Fathers Lodge No. 8795
Fourth Thursday, September to April inclusive except December. Installation September.
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St. Botolph's Royal Arch Chapter No. 272
Third Monday, Installation in October, November, January, March, and April.

Pilgrim Fathers Royal Arch Chapter No. 8795
Second Thursday, October, December, February, and Installation in May.

The Lodge of Aveland No. 9060


The Lodge of Aveland N° 9060 was consecrated on Saturday 12th February 1983 at the Grammar School in South Road Bourne by the Provincial Grand Master  at the time Rt W Bro G. M. Cooper. There were a total of 152 Freemasons present on the day.

The Lodge of Aveland was formed from 25 members of Hereward Lodge, as in the late 1970s it became clear that the membership and meeting attendance numbers at Hereward Lodge was making the Masonic Hall at the time uncomfortable and cramped.

So where does the name Aveland come from?

Aveland is a Wapentake of the Thirding (Riding) of Kesteven of Lincolnshire. It is Anglo Saxon in origin and extends from Osbournby in the North to Bourne in the South, Kirkby Underwood in the West to Sempringham in the East. A Wapentake is said to have derived from an ancient Anglo Saxon word meaning Weapon Touch – which was the custom of touching the local Lord’s sword blade as a token of fealty.

It is closely linked with the term Hundred which was an area that could provide a local Lord with 100 swords should they be needed for battle.

To indicate its Anglo Saxon origins our Lodge banner has  an Anglo Saxon crown and sword on the badge and it is decorated with acorns and oak leaves – these being emblematic of the ancient woodland that used to cover this area.

The Lodge of Aveland meets eight times a year from October to May on the second Wednesday of the month except May which is the first Wednesday.

Our meetings start at 6.30pm and consist of around an hour and a half of ceremonies and formalities after which we can get a drink at our bar  followed by a meal served by our caterers.

The Lodge is made up of members from all walks of life and backgrounds including  shop owners, plasterers, accountants and mini bus drivers to name a few and of all ages young and old.

While we are serious when we need to be and pay great attention to detail, we are generally a fun and friendly lodge and enjoy our evenings in a very relaxed atmosphere. We are also a very progressive lodge and have embraced the use of social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  to share our stories and information to the wider public and to members around the world.

The Lodge of Aveland also enjoys lots of social events throughout the year many of which are attended by family and friends of it’s members  some examples of these are hog roasts, race nights, Christmas meal and black tie events.

For more information contact

Barry Harriman, Lodge Secretary



Bourne Masonic Centre


Masonic Hall
Roman Bank
PE10 9LQ


Hereward Lodge No. 1232
Third Friday, September to May inclusive. Installation October.

The Lodge of Aveland No. 9060

Second Wednesday, October to April inclusive, first Wednesday in May.  Installation November.


Hereward Royal Arch Chapter No. 1232
First Wednesday November (I), February, April, and June.

Brigg Masonic Centre


Masonic Rooms
Cary Lane
DN20 8ES



Ancholme Lodge No. 1282
Third Monday, October to May inclusive. Installation April.

Glanford Vale Lodge No. 9769
Second Thursday, October to May inclusive. Installation October.


Ancholme Royal Arch Chapter No. 1282
First Tuesday, October, December, February (I), and April.

Lodge of Old Clee No. 8697

Held at the Masonic Hall, 1 Kings Road, Cleethorpes, on the Third Wednesday, September to April inclusive.

Warrant Dated, 11th February 1976.

The Lodge of Old Clee is one of five lodges that meet at the Cleethorpes Masonic Hall, which is located adjacent to Cleethorpes Seafront, opposite the Leisure Centre. Our Lodge also borders a residential area, which places the Masonic Hall within easy reach of Freemasons, the general public and local residents, should they wish to hire the facilities, such as the Function Room, or to simply enjoy a meal.

With 30 subscribing members currently, we are a relatively small lodge compared to other lodges in the Province of Lincolnshire, therefor, we are actively recruiting new potential Candidates. After the initial joining fees, our annual subscription is currently £ 165.00. This is a very good investment in a member’s future and personal development. You will grow in confidence, begin to really understand yourself, your position and the role that you could play in the world.

Charity is a fundamental aspect of being a Freemason. Four guiding principles are adhered to, to help define our paths through life, these are, Integrity, Friendship, Respect & Charity. Through our voluntary donations, the Masonic Charitable Foundation ‘MCF’ , makes a far reaching impact, not just locally but across the United Kingdom, assisting struggling families, people with learning disabilities, older people in society, helping hospitals, combatting homelessness, helping to fund research on degenerative diseases and many more worthy charities. In fact, Freemasons donations are second only in size to The National Lottery.

Due to an influx of workers to The Humber Bank industries during the early 1970’s, established Freemasons lodges in Cleethorpes were experiencing long waiting list of up to five years. It was decided that a new Lodge was needed and Lord Worsely Lodge no. 3017 sponsored the formation of The Lodge of Old Clee no. 8697.

Formed on, 11th February 1976, we are approaching our 50th Anniversary, which is a great testament to our membership, past and present.

The Lodge of Old Clee also had the honour of laying the wreath on the 10th of November 2019 for Remembrance Sunday on behalf of the Cleethorpes Freemasons.

Freemasons at our Lodge are required to dress as follows, Dark Suit, Black or Provincial Tie, White Collar and Gloves, Black Socks and Shoes and of course, our Masonic Regalia, which can be different depending on what stage of your Masonic Career you are at, at the time.

The facilities at the Cleethorpes Masonic Hall are of a high standard, having undergone recent refurbishment. With an access ramp and toilet for people with disabilities, a lift, large car park, bar and dining area for the Festive Board meal, which currently costs £ 14.50 for a 3 course meal, with tea or coffee served. Food is provided by, KingsHall@CleethorpesMasonic and can cater for approximately 90 Freemasons, visitors and other guests.

The Temple being situated on the 1st floor and being of a comfortable size, this really is an ideal location for our Lodge meetings.

On the night of our Lodge meeting, we arrive from 17:30 onwards where we congregate in the lounge bar for refreshments, ready for our ceremony in the Temple, commencing at 18:30 prompt. Once all business is completed, we the gather once more in the lounge bar for further refreshments and then make our way into the dining area to sit down at our Festive Board meal.

Our membership is very diverse, with people from all walks of life, which in itself can be challenging to maintain continuity of structure within the workings of the lodge. We have however, been able to adapt over the years to the changing environment of the modern working Freemason and the Lodge of Old Clee has proved itself time and again that it is adaptable and flexible to those needs and requirements.

We as a Lodge nurture the Strengths and Attributes of our membership, we encourage but do not push the individual and all personal development takes place at a steady pace. As well as bringing brethren together during our ceremonies, we encourage this still further during our Festive Board meal and also outside of the Lodge, as we did in September 2019 when members, family and friends, all gathered at a local hotel for a great day of food, refreshments and the chance to meet people both old and new.

On becoming a Freemason, you will soon be making new friendships with people having similar outlooks on life. We welcome men of all Faiths and Religions, people of integrity who desire the very best for each Freemason or complete stranger, making life fun and being worthwhile, fun being at the very core of our lodge and Freemasonry as a whole, why else are we here after all ! .

We are as a Lodge successful, due to the quality of our membership and in taking Guidance and Leadership from The Provincial Grand Lodge of Lincolnshire and United Grand Lodge of England.

Cleethorpes Masonic Centre

Masonic Hall
1 Kings Road
DN35 0AJ


Lord Worsley Lodge No. 3017
First Tuesday, October to May inclusive. Installation February.

Apollo Lodge No. 5471
Third Tuesday, September to April inclusive. Installation October.

Vigilantes Lodge No. 7264
Fourth Tuesday, September to April inclusive, except December and third Wed in May. Installation April.

St Peter Lodge No. 7648
Fourth Friday, September, November to April inclusive except December and third Friday in October and May. Installation May.

Lodge of Old Clee No. 8697
Third Wednesday, September to April inclusive. Installation March.


Lord Worsley Royal Arch Chapter No. 3017
Second Tuesday, October (I), December, February,and April.

St. Peter Royal Arch Chapter No. 7648
First Thursday, November, January, March, and May(I)..

Crowle Masonic Centre


Masonic Hall
Park View
DN17 4JA



Isle of Axholme Lodge No. 1482
Second Wednesday, March to November inclusive. Installation October.

Temple Belwood Lodge No. 8073
First Wednesday, October to June inclusive. Installation April.

Vermuyden Lodge No. 9482
Third Thursday, September to April inclusive. Installation September.

Trent Valley Daylight Lodge No. 9779
Fourth Thursday, March, May, September and October. Installation March.


Isle of Axholme Royal Arch Chapter No. 1482
Fourth Thursday November (I), February, April, and June.

Deeping St. James Masonic Centre

Masonic Hall
New Row
Off 96 Bridge Street



St. Guthlac Lodge No. 2880
Second Monday, October to May inclusive. Installation May.

St. Pega Lodge No. 8317
Fourth Tuesday, September to April inclusive but third Tuesday in December. Installation October.


St. Guthlac Royal Arch Chapter No. 2880
Second Thursday, September (I), October; Third Thursday, February and April.

Gainsborough Masonic Centre


Masonic Hall
32 North Marsh Road
DN21 2RR


Yarborough Lodge No. 422
Second Monday, September to May inclusive. Installation January.

Gainas Lodge No. 5121
Fourth Monday, September to April inclusive except December third Monday. Installation September.


All Saints Royal Arch Chapter No. 422
Third Monday, October, February (I), March, and May.

Doric Lodge No. 362


The ‘Doric Lodge’ was consecrated (first established) on 3rd January 1820 and is one of the oldest of the 74 lodges in the Province of Lincolnshire warranted by the United Grand Lodge of England.

The Doric Lodge meets eight times a year at the Masonic Hall, Chambers Street, Grantham NG31 8BL on the first Wednesday of every month from October to May, except for the 2nd Tuesday in January.

We are a small friendly Lodge with a current membership of around thirty-five, with ages ranging from 30 to over 80 years. The lodge membership is drawn from many different backgrounds and welcomes members of different faiths, ages, and interests too. Prospective members will find themselves at home here whatever their background.

It is an important rule however, that matters of religion and politics should never be discussed at a masonic meeting.

The Annual Membership for the full 12 months (2021) is currently £170 payable on 1st January.

There is an initial joining fees will amount to a cost of £100 (as at 2021) plus a pro rata of the annual membership.

So, for example, if you joined the Lodge in say March, there are five meetings left of the eight in the year so the sub is 5/8’ths of £170 being £106.25. The total cheque we are looking for day 1 is therefore £100 plus £106.25 means you pay £206.25.

The Lodge normally commences at 6:15pm. At our meetings, which take place in a traditional, formal environment, we may perform a Masonic ceremony or listen to lectures as well as conduct the administrative business of the Lodge. We then retire to dinner, known as the Festive Board, where we enjoy a 3-course meal which currently costs between £12 and £14 along with a cash bar for drinks. The evening usually ends by about 10pm.

Rehearsals for ceremonies are held on the Monday evening before each meeting and those members who are involved in the meeting and/or ceremony are very much encouraged to attend. New members are included early on and most if they so wish would follow a well-structured progression which ultimately will lead them to become the Master of the lodge for a year.

Masonic Dress consists of a dark suit, white formal shirt with a black or Lincolnshire Freemasons tie and formal black shoes.

To aid both newly joined and other longer serving members can attend a Lodge of Instruction (LoI) which is held monthly from October to May and is intended to educate and enlighten members in all aspects of masonic history, procedures and protocols and to experience the various lodge officers’ positions within the lodge in a very relaxed and informal atmosphere. As at rehearsals the dress code is casual.

Experienced members are tasked with supporting new members through the established Mentoring Scheme.

Annually there is usually a formal dinner dance known as Ladies Night when wives, partners and guests are welcomed, hosted by the Master of the lodge. Members are encouraged to mix socially and support other lodges’ social events as well as those organised at a Provincial level.

The Grantham Masonic Curry Club, founded by DORIC members is a social gathering of mostly new and younger members as well as prospective members who meet informally every few weeks to enjoy a beer and a curry and to establish a close relationship across all of the Grantham lodges.

Charity is close to a Freemasons heart and money raised is donated to local charities, the Provincial Charity fund and to the national Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) which makes impressive donations to many worthy causes and in support of worldwide disasters. We raise our charitable funds by an alms collection at each meeting, often by a raffle at the Festive Board but mostly by regular donations by standing order, gift aided where possible.

We offer encouragement and support to help our members develop in Freemasonry whilst fully respecting their family and working life commitments.

Above all, we enjoy our masonry and welcome good men from all backgrounds. Masonry is an enjoyable experience providing fellowship, camaraderie, and self-worth.

For further details, contact the Lodge Membership Officer:  Chris Watkin,

Sir Isaac Newton Lodge No. 8103


The original purpose of becoming a Freemason was to make better men out of good men; to take fathers, brothers and sons and to improve their moral and spiritual strength. Whilst the language may have changed over the subsequent 300 years this aim still sits firmly at the centre of freemasonry. At Sir Isaac Newton Lodge, we encompass this in all we do and strive to ensure it remains relevant in the 21st century. We are fortunate to have a wide demographic within our numbers, which within any lodge makes for a more enjoyable experience. We have several members from the business community (working and retired) the armed forces and a wide range of professions. we have a great blend between young and old which sees the lodge harness the best every generation has to offer.

We welcome applications from men of all faiths, ethnicities and cultures who simply have a common belief in a supreme being and want to work as a team with other likeminded men. Differences existing in the outside world caused by religion and politics are left outside the door of the lodge which in these challenging times is welcomed by all as a break from what normally separates us.

We also have a lot of newly admitted members, and a young profile.

Each one of us in the Sir Isaac Newton Lodge strives to be the best we can, whether it is in the ritual we perform, raising money for great causes or supporting our fellow masons and society as a whole.

The lodge is unusual as the normal dress for meetings is a dinner suit with black tie making all meetings feel like a very special event.

The Sir Isaac Newton Lodge was consecrated 14th May 1966 and is the youngest of the lodges that meet in the evening. It was the fourth and last of the evening meeting lodges to be consecrated at Grantham and has maintained that youthful enthusiasm.  Named after the world-renowned scientist who as a young man attended the Kings school at Grantham, the banner of the lodge reflects one of his many history making scientific principles.

We are not the only lodge named after Sir Isaac Newton as there is a Cambridge University lodge for students and lecturers called the Isaac Newton lodge and visits have been made between the two. Visiting other lodges is strongly encouraged for the benefits it brings.

Meetings are held third Monday of each month between October and May with a start time of 6.15 pm. The meetings start with a business part and then usually conclude with a ceremony.  In addition, a lodge of instruction (LOI) and ceremonial rehearsal is held during the Friday evening preceding the lodge meeting this is a casual dress meeting.

The Lodge has a very strong ethos of personal development and the lodge of instruction provides an excellent format in which members are encouraged to develop their presentational and ceremonial skills in a very relaxed and informal style. Members of other Lodges often chose to attend the Sir Isaac Newton LOI. The Lodge of Instruction and rehearsals are led by a very experienced mason who ensures everyone is welcomed, supported and encouraged, with teamwork at the heart of everything we do. A highlight of the year is always the LOI team who carry out a piece of masonic ritual during an additional meeting in April. We have a long and impressive record of providing directors of ceremonies for the province of Lincolnshire and a reputation for top quality ceremonies and personal development.

Lodge meetings always conclude with a few drinks and a meal in the excellent lodge meeting rooms at Grantham.  Meals are usually two courses, with a salad option available. The May installation meeting is a grander affair with multiple courses! The lodge is enhanced by many regular visitors who enjoy what we have to offer and add to the fun and enjoyment of the evening.

The key principles of freemasonry of friendship, respect, integrity and charity run through all activities of the lodge. We are on all occasions warm and welcoming and our record on supporting charity is excellent. Many local charities have been supported as well as regional and national charities.

We hope you will appreciate what the Lodge has to offer.


If you would like an initial chat please don’t hesitate to get in touch with

Tony Goddard, Lodge Secretary

Mike Armstrong,  Membership Officer

Grantham Masonic Centre

Masonic Hall
Faraday House
4 Chambers Street.
NG31 8BL


Doric Lodge No. 362
First Wednesday, October to May inclusive except January second Tuesday. Installation January.

The Granta Lodge No. 4950
Second Thursday, October to May inclusive except December second Monday. Installation November.

William Peters Lodge No. 6761
Fourth Tuesday, September to April inclusive except December, and third Tuesday in May. Installation September.

Sir Isaac Lodge No. 8103
Third Monday, October to May inclusive. Installation May.

Meridian Daylight Lodge No. 9813
Second Friday, October, December, February and April. Installation October.


Doric Royal Arch Chapter No. 362
Third Thursday October, second Thursday December, third Thursday February, and April (I).

Granta Royal Arch Chapter No. 4950
Third Thursday November, fourth Thursday January, third Thursday March, and first Thursday May (I).
Contact Scribe E

Earl of Yarborough Lodge No. 2770

For more information and to join, contact


• Meets at Grimsby Masonic Hall (Pelham Suite)
• 3rd Thursday of the month, September to April
• Evening meetings - 6:30pm usual start
• Welcoming
• Supportive
• Disciplined but friendly
• Active within the community
• Social activities (including partners)
• All men above the age of 21 represented
• Opportunities to meet likeminded people
• Guidance and support for new members

• Multi-faith
• Charity
• Mutual respect and affection
• Stewardship
• Fellowship
• Peace of mind
• Integrity
• Kindness
• Honesty
• Fairness
• Tolerance
• Sense of fulfilment
• Pride in masonry and our lodge
• Non-discriminatory
• Continuously improving
• Helping to build trust
• Social bonding
• Building confidence

• Founded in 1899
• Lodge centenary 1999
• Centenary warrant to commemorate 100 years continuous service
• Hall Stone Jewel lodge
• Members of note, including Past Provincial Grand Masters
• Many family connections over past generations

• Regular attendance
• Participation
• Progression within the lodge
• Keen to engage socially
• Respect for brethren and masonry in general
• Keen to promote charitable donations within the lodge and masonry in general. Charity forms a major part of masonry. All donations are members’ own voluntary contributions

• Likeminded individuals
• Law abiding candidates
• Any age (21+)
• All professions and trades represented
• Members enjoy a wide range of interests and activities, including:
o Golf
o Fishing
o Football
o Walking
o Rugby
o Motorsports

Lord Heneage Lodge No. 5979


If you are looking to join a Masonic Lodge where you are certain of a warm and friendly welcome, then the Lord Heneage Lodge could be the one for you.

We are a small, friendly Lodge with charitable giving at our heart. Our membership is made up of men whose ages range from early twenties to over eighty years, and are from a wide variety of professions and vocations. Our members interests are many and include walking, cycling, golf, bird watching and shooting. Some of these are used to raise money for the charities we support.

We welcome applications from men of all faiths, ethnicities and cultures who simply have a common belief in a supreme being and want to work and socialise as a team with other like minded men. Religion and Politics are not discussed at lodge meetings and our focus is on the harmony of the Lodge and enjoyment by its members and visitors.

The Lord Heneage Lodge was formed (consecrated) on 31st October 1944 and was named after the Rt. Hon. Lord George Heneage O.B.E., who became the first Worshipful Master of the Lodge and was at the same time the Provincial Grand Master for the Masonic Province of Lincolnshire.

Although this was one of the darkest periods in British history, Freemasonry in Grimsby was growing, clearly highlighting that Freemasonry continued to be able to do its valuable work in the local and wider community. We are proud that we still maintain that achievement today.

We meet at the Masonic Hall (Pelham Suite) on Cambridge Road, Grimsby on the fourth Friday in the months of September to April commencing at 6:30pm. We have a meal after each meeting and the evening is usually concluded by 10:30pm.

Dress code is a dark suit, white shirt, dark tie and socks and black shoes. White gloves are also worn during our ceremonies in the Masonic temple.

At the present time the yearly membership subscription payable on the 1st of January is £180.00, which can be paid in one lump sum or by 6 x £30.00 payments. There are also other one off fees payable when you join, and these are explained on application.

All new members are encouraged to progress through the various Offices of the Lodge with the goal of becoming the Worshipful Master, a position held for one year.

One of the most important aspects for our members is the social events which we have. These include a Ladies or Partners Night, which can be either formal or informal, and other casual 'get togethers' throughout the year.

If you think Freemasonry, and in particular membership of the Lord Heneage Lodge is for you then give me a call on either of the below numbers to learn more about how to join us.

Andy Downes.
Lodge Secretary and Membership Officer.
01472 319257
07977 208378

Grimsby Masonic Centre

Masonic Hall
Cambridge Road
DN34 5SZ


Pelham Pillar Lodge No. 792
29th September and First Thursday November to May inclusive. Installation November.

Saint Albans Lodge No. 1294
Third Wednesday, October to April inclusive and on 24th June, or if a Sunday the 23rd or 25th. Installation April.

Smyth Lodge No. 2284
Second Wednesday, September to April inclusive. Installation November.

Earl of Yarborough Lodge No. 2770
Third Thursday, September to April inclusive. Installation November.

Astral Lodge No. 3841
Third Friday, September to April inclusive. Installation October.

Lord Heneage Lodge No. 5979
Fourth Friday, September to April inclusive except December when 4th day after Christmas Day or if a Sunday, then the 5th day after Christmas Day. Installation October.

Saint James Lodge No. 7415
Third Tuesday September to May inclusive except December. Installation March.

Wellow Abbey Lodge No. 8819
Second Monday, October to May inclusive. Installation February.


Oliver Royal Arch Chapter No. 792
Fourth Thursday in September, November (I), February and March.

St. Albans Royal Arch Chapter No. 1294
Third Wednesday September, first Wednesday November and February (I), and third Wednesday in May.

Kitwood Royal Arch Chapter No. 2284
First Wednesday October, January, March, and May (I).

Earl of Yarborough Royal Arch Chapter No. 2770
Second Thursday October, November, Janaury, and March (I).

Astral Royal Arch Chapter No. 3841
Second Thursday September December, February, and April (I).

Wellow Abbey Royal Arch Chapter No. 8819
Fourth Monday January (I), fourth Thursday in April, May, and June.

Olive Union Lodge No. 1304


Olive Union Lodge No 1304 is the oldest Masonic Lodge in Horncastle and one of the oldest in Lincolnshire having been Warranted 1869. The Lodge had met nine times every year without break since 1869; until the pandemic which caused Freemasonry to be suspended in March 2020. Olive Union Lodge meets on the first Thursday of the month between September and May at The Masonic Hall, Banks Street, Horncastle.

Our many generations of members range in age from their 20’s to their 90’s and come from diverse backgrounds and occupations. Many members work, or have worked, in agriculture, building trades, the law, manufacturing, teaching, the armed services, medicine, catering and local businesses to mention just a few occupations. The majority of members are from Horncastle, Woodhall Spa and the surrounding villages, although some travel from other Lincolnshire towns.

During Lodge meetings the traditions of Freemasonry are maintained in a friendly and relaxed manner.  The meetings conclude with the members and their Masonic guests enjoying a drink together at the bar followed by a meal freshly prepared in the Masonic Hall kitchen.

Charity lies at the heart of Freemasonry and Olive Union Lodge has a proud record in supporting many local organisations as well as national charities.  In the local area grants have been given to schools to fund extracurricular activities, the Horncastle food bank, the Jubilee Park in Woodhall Spa, as well as supporting Horncastle Town Council’s memorial events, the Scouts, and many other organisations.

Numerous social events held at The Masonic Hall and at local hotels are supported and sponsored by Olive Union Lodge and family and friends are always warmly welcomed.

For more details, please contact

Gary Hurst

Membership Officer

Email address;

Round Table Lodge No. 8240


Members of Round Table Lodge are current or past members of Round Table or are “like-minded men”.  If you have been a Tabler, you know how hard it is to define a like-minded man but here are some pointers.  None are individually essential but will give you an idea:

Not everyone joining Round Table Lodge has been a Tabler but most have been in a similar organisation, volunteered in a sphere with objectives akin to Round Table or been involved with event and charity organisation.  Some have had a job where these characteristics are the norm.  We have a number of ex-military members, people associated with the building industry, food/farming, finance and the law.

In the late 1960’s there was a small group of Round Tablers in northern Lincolnshire and another around Spalding who were already freemasons.  Both wanted to make a Lodge with all the good spirited camaraderie of Round Table and the ethos of freemasonry.  Neither group was large enough to form a Lodge so they decided to join forces on neutral ground in the centre of the County at Horncastle.  The Lodge was formed in 1968 and has been a thriving part of the Province ever since.

Round Table Lodge meets formally just 6 times a year but have 3 ‘boys lodges’ to practice and learn more about our ceremonies.  In most years we have an annual ball and a Sunday lunch with our wives and girlfriends.  Every other year, we join up with Round Table Lodges from around England for a weekend to meet friends and families from around the country.  Our membership is spread across the County but we still manage to get together from time to time, usually over a pint, going for a walk and/or having a pub lunch.

For further information contact John Elliott 07919 694223

Horncastle Masonic Centre


Masonic Hall
Banks Street


Olive Union Lodge No. 1304
First Thursday, September to May inclusive. Installation October.

Bolingbroke Castle Lodge No. 8173
Third Thursday, September to May inclusive. Installation May.

Round Table Lodge No. 8240
Third Tuesday, September, April, May, June, fourth Tuesday October and November. Installation September.

Lincolnshire Bicentenary Lodge of Installed Masters No. 9467
Last Monday in June, second Monday in November or elsewhere by dispensation. Installation November.

Rudyard Kipling Lodge No. 9681
Second Saturday, January, March, May, July, September, Fourth Saturday November. Installation November.

Lincolnshire Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No. 9726
Second Thursday in June, fourth Wednesday in September. Installation September.

Sir Joseph Banks Daylight Lodge No. 9828
Second Wednesday in February, April and October. First Wednesday in December. Installation October.


Banovallum Royal Arch Chapter No. 1304
Third tuesday October (I), November, January, and March.

The Round Table Chapter of Lincolnshire No. 8240
Second Tuesday October, first Tuesday March, and May (I).

Geoffrey Cooper Chapter of Installed First Principals No. 9467
First Friday March (I), second Friday September.

Witham Lodge No. 297


Witham Lodge is the oldest Freemasons Lodge in the County of Lincolnshire, although we were consecrated (established) in 1793, we can trace our lineage back to 1730 and the ceremonies we perform go back even further with links to the York Rite.

Our banner can be broken down into four parts. Top Left depicts the coat of Arms for the City of Lincoln, that being the cross of St George, with the fleur de lys in the centre. Top right is The Square and Compasses (or, more correctly, a square and a set of compasses joined together) the single most identifiable symbol of Freemasonry. Both the square and compasses are architect's tools and are used in Masonic ritual as emblems to teach symbolic lessons. The next part of the banner is the five pointed star which alludes to the five points of fellowship. The bottom section depicts a Lincoln scene which is the River Witham, and an Alder tree surrounded by a red haze with Lincoln Cathedral in the background.

Our members are both young and older, and from all walks of life, from serving and former military personnel, self-employed, emergency services, salesmen, plumbers, window cleaners, and businessmen to mention but a few. With all of us having a wide and diversified range of hobbies you will always find someone to talk to with common interests such as vintage vehicles, sports, history, poetry, fishing, shooting etc.

We meet seven times a year on the second Monday of each month, from February to May, and then again after the summer break, from October to December with the possibility of additional meetings in June and September. After the meeting we have a festive board (a sit down meal) where all members and guests of the lodge can sit down, drink and chat socially.

Along with the normal lodge meetings we have a social committee that organise events throughout the year for ourselves along with our family and friends (who we encourage to be involved) such as family BBQ's, meals out, quizzes to just a social drink. We also have a Ladies Night once a year in November which is a black tie event for you and your partner.

For more information contact:
Richard Quirk
Witham Lodge Membership Officer

St Hugh Lodge No. 1386


St Hugh Lodge was Consecrated on 20th March, 1872 and takes its name from Hugh who was born at Avalon in Burgundy in 1140. His mother died whilst he was a child and his father entered Monastic life taking Hugh with him. At the age of 19 he was ordained Deacon, later joining the Carthusian Order. King Henry II of England pressured him to become Prior of a new Carthusian Monastery in Somerset and by the time he was 47 he was elected Bishop of the See of Lincoln, which covered 9 counties. He acted as adviser to the King and Archbishop, and he oversaw the rebuilding of Lincoln Cathedral after the earthquake in 1185, being responsible for rebuilding the Choir and Choir transept. His statue can be seen high up on the outside of the Cathedral.

He died in 1200, being buried in the Choir of the Cathedral and was canonized in 1220.

St Hugh Lodge, along with the other seven Masonic Lodges meet at the Lincoln Masonic Centre, 116 Nettleham Road, Lincoln. We used to meet at the County Assembly Rooms in Lincoln, but with our fifty year lease coming to an end we decided to buy our own property. After much hard work the property was extended and underwent a total refurbishment. We now have a fine centre of our own of which we are all very proud and which we moved into in 2013.

We meet on the third Wednesday evening of October to May, excluding January, starting at 6.00pm, The evening is split into two halves, the first half is taken up with Lodge business and ceremonies whilst the second half is the social side with drinks and a meal, when there is an opportunity to meet other Lodge members and their visitor friends from other Lodges, this ending at 10.00 – 10.30pm. We enjoy various social events from Ladies Nights to BBQ’s, trips, Christmas Dinners and Dining nights, where we can meet up with family and friends.

People join Freemasonry for different reasons and we help them to satisfy themselves that they will be happy with us and find what they are looking for. It may be about making new friends and acquaintances, giving and receiving the support of others, or about being able to help deserving causes, supporting a wide variety of Masonic and non-Masonic charities, and making a contribution to family and society. For most it is an enjoyable hobby for those who enjoy helping others, socializing with like minded people in a friendly atmosphere and making lifelong friends.

St. Hugh Lodge is a vibrant Lodge with over 80 members, aged from 18 – 90+ years. This blend of ages works remarkedly successfully and they all learn from each other. We encourage new members to join and we make them welcome and they are supported by Lodge members, especially their personal Mentor. The mentoring is not just for new members but is continued so that members are always learning. St. Hugh Lodge was chosen to be the United Grand Lodge of England Universities Scheme Lodge for Lincolnshire in 2011 and was only the 47th Lodge out of the 7,000 in England to be given such a position. Since then we have an average of eight students from the University of Lincoln join us each year.

We have people joining us from all walks of life, of all ages, religions, race or position in society. St Hugh Lodge is a very happy and social Lodge whose members support and care for each other and for the families.

For further information please contact,

John Hassall

St. Hugh Lodge Membership Officer


Mob: 07576 492957

Ermine Lodge No. 2351


Ermine Lodge was issued with its warrant on 21st. January 1890. It was formed to accommodate the gentlemen of the county and men of professional calling and in its early years included those who dominated its business and social life including such illustrious members as a number of Lords, an Earl and a former Lord Bishop of Lincoln and several Provincial Grand Masters.

The Lodge began life in the Assembly Rooms in Bailgate, Lincoln, which was at the side of the old Roman Road known as Hermin or Ermine Street. Hence the name of our Lodge.

Today, there is no such requirement for meeting the aforementioned criteria of this very friendly and inclusive Lodge other than members should be men of good character with a belief in a supreme being.

Membership of Ermine Lodge today is from many walks of life and include brethren from the legal profession, restaurant trade, hairdressing, accountancy, caring profession, entertainment and law. We are also a Lodge of golfers who are keen to organise inter Lodge competitions. We have musical brethren and include members of the fire service brass band who regularly entertain at Lodge festive boards and Ladies nights and have a well-known local and international comedian who entertains at inter Lodge social occasions.

Ermine Lodge meets at the Masonic Hall in Nettleham Road at 6pm on the last Tuesday in October (installation night), November, January, February and April. We also hold an annual Ladies night. We hold a Zoom quiz night for members which is well attended. Meetings usually last between one and two hours after which there is a dinner or festive board of three courses and coffee where brethren get to know each other in a convivial and socially relaxed atmosphere and we can always expect a fair number of visiting members of other Lodges to attend as our guests.

Masonry of course has a firm history of ritualistic learning meant to increase the knowledge and self-worth of its members. It also has a strong commitment to charitable giving to Masonic and non-Masonic causes for which Ermine Lodge is justifiably proud.

For more details please contact:

John Bottomley.

Ermine Lodge Membership Officer.


Tel: 01522 415215

Excalibur Lodge No. 2959


“Excalibur” Lodge, named after the celebrated sword of King Arthur, and immortalised by Alfred Lord Tennyson in the Idylls of the King, was chosen by the Lodge founders for three reasons.

Firstly – As a mark of respect to Alfred Lord Tennyson, thus showing an appreciation of the spirit of his work.

Secondly – As a commemoration of the relief of the City of Lincoln, by King Arthur, when besieged by the Saxons under Cedric in the year 520 A.D.

Thirdly – As an ideal. By regarding that magical sword in the hands of the great King, the hilt and scabbard sparkling with jewels of purity and virtue, the cross guards fashioned into serpents, ancient emblems of wisdom, the blade, keen to destroy evil, succour the distressed and to defend the brotherhood. Finally returning radiant with light to the waters whence it sprang, as a noble symbol of the intellectual purpose of life.

The seal of the Lodge shows the scene of the return of Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake, framed in a design of a Celtic spiral ornament which is copied from the boss of a Celtic shield found in the River Witham near Washingborough, along with a sword of similar pattern, and a fine Viking sword, probably all being relics of the Saxo-British fight; this is charged upon the circle of the Sun and Moon and Blazing Star.

The motto “Vigilando Vinces“ in 5th century script, may be freely translated “By watchfulness thou shalt prevail”, and is derived from the last command of King Arthur to Sir Bedevire “Watch”.

Excalibur Lodge was formed from eighteen members of Witham Lodge No. 297, and one member of St Hugh Lodge No. 1386. The consecration ceremony took place on 5th May 1903, In the beginning, Excalibur Lodge was given the nickname of the ‘Farmers’ Lodge owing to the number of brethren living outside the City boundaries. Helped by a very convenient Great Eastern Railway service from Sleaford to Lincoln, which provided transport for many Freemasons from the villages along that line. Excalibur Lodge has evolved to include members from all walks of life.

A position Freemasonry still supports today. It is open to men from all backgrounds, faiths, ages and races, allowing them to meet as equals.

Excalibur Lodge meets 8 times a year on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 6:15pm from September to April inclusive, at the Lincoln Masonic Centre, 116, Nettleham Road, Lincoln. LN2 1RR.

The social side of Freemasonry is well supported by our members and quite apart from the eight Masonic meetings each year, Excalibur Lodge has a full social programme, to which partners and friends are invited.  We hold a Burns Supper, a Ladies Night, Quiz nights, a Garden Party, a Ladies Dining in Night, Race nights and meals out. All of which are fun filled and enjoyable occasions, which help us to raise monies to support our chosen charities.

For more information contact:
W. Bro. Dave Wicks.
Excalibur Lodge Membership Officer.
Tel 07847 461089 or 01777 870455


Paulinus Lodge No. 3957


Paulinus profile.jpg

Paulinus Lodge was Consecrated on the 29th May 1919, having been formed from St Hugh Lodge.

Paulinus was a young Roman Monk and sent by Pope Gregory the Great to help St Augustine in his conversion of the people of Britain. He became the Bishop of York whose diocese included then, Lincoln.

Paulinus died on 10th October 644 and therefore that date is now designated St Paulinus day.

Paulinus Lodge is a popular Lodge where you will always receive a warm welcome, we are known for the friendly reception that our guests receive. We welcome regular visitors from Lodges in Lincoln and other Lodges throughout the country and abroad.

We are proud to share a home of our own in Lincoln with other Lodges and Orders. Paulinus Lodge meets 9 times a year on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm (Excepting January when it is the second Wednesday). Meeting in September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April and May. we then break for a summer recess. After the lodge meeting, which takes approximately 2 hours, we get together for an evening meal in a semi formal but relaxed setting and enjoy the company of our friends with the obvious social enjoyment.

We are a body of men banded together for the purpose of mutual moral and social support, we endeavour to cultivate and exhibit charitable support in many areas.paulinus 3957 Badge.png

We recognise that a Freemasons duty is first and foremost to his own family, to help their families understand who we are and to enjoy each others company.

We hold many social functions where many lasting family friendships have been made.

If you find you would be interested in joining Paulinus Lodge, Please call or email

Chuck Boulton
Paulinus Lodge Membership Officer
Mob: 07941290431

Ashlar Lodge No. 5219


Ashlar Lodge Badge.jpg

Ashlar Lodge Warrant dated 6th February 1930 and was consecrated on the 26th February 1931.

The seal of the Ashlar Lodge shows a stonemason working on a "Rough Ashlar" or stone that has been squared but has a rough surface which has not yet been polished.

The Ashlar Lodge was consecrated by the Earl of Yarborough who was the Provincial Grand Master for Lincolnshire at the time. Since its conception, six of its members have been Sheriffs of the City of Lincoln and we have had one active Member of Parliament.

The Ashlar Lodge continues to flourish today and more and more younger people are joining. This is due to the active social calendar that the Lodge has and the enjoyable Lodge meetings, combined with a happy festive board, (the meal after the Lodge meeting). Many of the visitors coming from other Lodges return as they find Ashlar Lodge so friendly.

The social activities to which family and friends are invited include trips to Grand Lodge, garden parties, barbeques, dining nights including hotel-restaurant meals and curry nights, rugby trips, visits such as Lincoln Cathedral Tours and of course our yearly Ladies Night which is always well attended.

Ashlar Lodge meets 8 times a year on the 4th Thursday of the months of September to November and January to May inclusive.

The Lodge is committed to supporting the Province of Lincolnshire and Grand Lodge of England in moving forward with Freemasonry in the 21st century.

For more information contact
Richard Woodall
Ashlar Lodge Membership Officer
Tel 07964091095

Lindum Lodge No. 5777


Lindum 5777 Badge.png

Lindum Lodge, which was consecrated in February 1939, draws its members from a wide cross-section of society and age range. Lodge members have a variety of occupations and interests, ranging from the traditional professional occupations, Armed Forces & Emergency Services (serving & retired), employed, self-employed and some students. This varied membership truly makes for a happy and interesting Lodge.

Over 80 years, Lindum Lodge has gained the enviable reputation of being a ‘happy and welcoming Lodge’, where sharing the company and friendship of like minded members of society is second only to that of improving the lives of the less fortunate in society, whilst having fun!

Our meetings are held in the early evening (usually starting at 6.15pm) on the second Tuesday of the months of January, February, March, April. October, November and December, at the Lincoln Masonic Centre, 116 Nettleham Road in Lincoln. A typical meeting usually lasts about 2 hours and is followed by a meal (or Festive Board as it is referred to) where members can enjoy each others company in a relaxed, semi-formal atmosphere.

At Lindum Lodge we also understand the importance of balancing Freemasonry with family life, therefore we hold a number of social events throughout the year, at which members’ families and friends are positively encouraged to attend. These range from our Ladies Night which is a formal black-tie event held in November, BBQ’s, Quiz nights, Xmas meals, Jazz nights, Wii Bowling etc., - again with the emphasis on having fun.

For more information contact:
Martin Huckle
Lindum Lodge Membership Officer
Tel: 07910 353192

Minster Lodge No. 8702


Minster Lodge Badge Cleaned.png

Minster Lodge was created in 1976 as part of the world wide community of Freemasons with the Founders wanting a modern Lodge with modern ideas and while some Lodges have their long histories and timeless peculiarities, Minster Lodge has kept it’s modern outlook and goes from strength to strength.

While some Lodges concentrate on specific interests, for instance there are Motor Cycle Lodges, Fishing Lodges, Musical Lodges etc. Minster Lodge prides itself on having members from across the board, if you want to talk fishing – great we have keen fishermen, motor cycling – great we have motor cyclists, cycling – great we have cyclists, we have car enthusiasts, we have clay pigeon shooters and whilst we take our Masonic duties very seriously, we take enjoying ourselves seriously too.

We normally meet at 6.15pm on the 3rd Thursday of September, November, January , February , March and May at the Lincoln Masonic Centre on Nettleham Road leaving the Summer and weekends free to enjoy whatever pastimes we want to. We also have very enjoyable BBQ’s, Ladies Nights and Christmas Socials where not only members but family and friends are also welcome.

As a modern forward thinking Lodge, Minster Lodge utilises social media to maintain links with its members ensuring everyone is involved and engaged. This allows all members to feel they are an integral part of our fraternity irrespective of length of membership.

For more information contact
Graham Cadel
Minster Lodge Membership Officer
Tel 07715 328350

Lincoln Masonic Centre

116 Nettleham Road



Witham Lodge No. 297
Second Monday, October to June inclusive. Installation February.

St Hugh Lodge No. 1386 - The Universities Scheme Lodge within Lincolnshire.Third Wednesday, October to December and February to May inclusive. Installation March.
Contact the Lodge Secretary

Ermine Lodge No. 2351
Last Tuesday, October, November, January, February and April. Installation October.

Excalibur Lodge No. 2959
Third Saturday, September to April inclusive. Installation October.

Paulinus Lodge No. 3957
First Wednesday, Sep to May inclusive except Jan when held second Wednesday. Installation October.

Ashlar Lodge No. 5219
Fourth Thursday, Sep to May inclusive except December. Installation February.

Lindum Lodge No. 5772
Second Tuesday, October to May inclusive. Installation February.

Minster Lodge No. 8702
Third Thursday, Sep, Nov, Jan, Feb, March and May. Installation March.


Chapter of Concord No. 297
First Tuesday October, December (I), February, and April.

Hugh of Avalon Royal Arch Chapter No. 1386
Fourth Wednesday October (I), November, January, March, and May.

Ermine Royal Arch Chapter No. 2351
Third Tuesday October (I), November, January, February, and April.

Saint Mary Lodge No. 7898


The Warrant for the foundation of Saint Mary Lodge was issued on 13th March 1963 with Saint Mary being the “daughter” of Alexandra Lodge, Long Sutton.

The lodge was founded due to the strength of Freemasonry in Long Sutton and the surrounding area, including Holbeach, Gedney and Sutton Bridge.

Named after Saint Mary’s church in Long Sutton, the proud possessor of the highest, oldest and best preserved lead spire in England, its picture features on the Lodge banner and on the Past Masters jewel presented to every Master as he leaves the Chair.

As a result of this wide catchment area, the members continue to come from all walks of life. This provides diverse and entertaining discussion, especially at the Festive Board which is held after every meeting. The recently refurbished kitchens allow for excellent dining to which our visitors will happily attest.

The Lodge meets at The Masonic Hall in Long Sutton, a purpose built building which is the source of immense pride to all members and provides a superb venue for a variety of social events for both members and non-members.

Saint Mary was the fiftieth Lodge to be consecrated in the Province of Lincolnshire, a number which allowed the Provincial Grand Master to appoint the first ever Assistant Provincial Grand Master in Lincolnshire.

Whilst we all acknowledge that our first duty is to our family, there is no doubt that Saint Mary men enjoy the fellowship and company of each other whilst contributing to the many aims, both charitable and otherwise, of the Province of Lincolnshire and the United Grand Lodge of England.

The older brethren endeavour to pass on to the junior brethren the traditions of the lodge of which they are justly proud. These traditions include “Saint Mary workings” at the ceremonies, all intended to differentiate Saint Mary from other lodges and also to catch out our visitors, including a Provincial Deputy Grand Master!

As it says on our Summons, “it is the duty of every Officer of the Lodge and the privilege of every member to attend…”

We meet on the third Monday of the month, October to May and hold our Lodge of Improvement and Instruction and the fourth Monday of the month, September to April (excluding December).

A warm welcome awaits new members and visitors alike.

Please contact David Pateman on 07736 088046 for further information.

Long Sutton Masonic Centre

Masonic Hall
Park Lane
PE12 9DH


Alexandra Lodge No. 985
First Wednesday, September to April inclusive. Installation October.

Saint Mary Lodge No. 7898
Third Monday, October to May inclusive. Installation May.

Fenland Daylight Lodge No. 9825
Third Wednesday, March, June, September and December. Installation March.


Edward Albert Royal Arch Chapter No. 985
Second Monday September, December (I), March, and May.

Lindsey Lodge No. 712


The history of freemasonry and its association with the Lincolnshire town of Louth is long and varied.

If you look carefully at the stained-glass windows in St James church, you may be able to pick out various Masonic symbols. Hardly surprising when you consider that one of the earliest members of Lindsey Lodge was also the architect responsible for the restoration of this fine church

Lindsey Lodge was initially founded in 1857 and to begin with meetings were held in Louth public buildings in both Mercer row and Upgate.

By 1867 meetings had been moved to a new Lodge room in Rosemary Lane where meetings were held until 1963 when the Lodge moved to Queen Street in Louth.

In November 2018 the building in Queen Street was put up for sale and the Lodge has been meeting at Alford whilst building a new Masonic Centre on the Fairfield industrial estate.

Now that the new centre is completed, meetings can once again be held in Louth.

Initially Lodge meetings were held on the Friday following the Full Moon but in 1870 it was agreed to move to the Friday nearest the full moon.

Street lighting was nowhere near as extensive as it is nowadays, therefore holding meetings according to the Full moon was not at all unusual for Freemasons’ Lodges.

Nowadays we meet on the 2nd Friday of the month between September and May.

Currently our membership stands at around 58 members but as you would expect we are constantly looking to recruit new members to replace those who for one reason or another no longer attend.

We have members of all ages, backgrounds and occupations. Be it Shopkeepers or farmers, lorry drivers or sign writers, builders or teachers. You name it, Freemasonry has probably got one!!

If you join a Freemasons’ Lodge, you will make friendships that will last a life time, all the while knowing you are putting something worthwhile back into society.

Freemasonry is unfortunately and quite wrongly referred to as a “Secret Society” when more correctly it’s a society with secrets. Often our best kept secret is probably; “How do I join?”

Well, it’s no longer a secret, if you are interested in joining us, contact the Lindsey Lodge secretary by email

We look forward to hearing from you.

Hermes Lodge No. 6861


You can find Hermes Lodge 6861 at the new Masonic Centre Bolingbroke Road Louth along with its Mother Lodge Lindsey 712, Hermes Lodge meets on the third Monday of the month from September to May inclusive. This new centre is on the industrial estate on the North side of the town the local incumbents are mostly commercial with no residents to disturb. There is adequate parking both at the centre and on the surrounding roads.

It’s been a long wait for the Masonic centre to open and Hermes has been lodging at the Alford Masonic Centre and we are eternally grateful for their hospitality.

Lindsey Lodge the only lodge in Louth in those times was getting too large to facilitate reasonable promotion through its ranks, so it was decided to form a new lodge and so Hermes was planned.

The Lodge was consecrated in May 1949 just four years after the end of the war. There were still a lot of servicemen mostly RAF who remained in Lincolnshire many of them setting down roots in Louth and the surrounding area.

Since those early days the membership has been a little more diverse, with Police Officers both serving and retired, members of the building trade and of course a sprinkling of Farmers and even the odd sailor.

The moto on the scroll under the lodge insignia is Custodia, Scientia, Benovelentia. And can be translated as such Custodia Safekeeping, Scientia Knowledge and Benovelentia Goodwill.

Masonically: The Safekeeping of morality, A thirst for Knowledge, Goodwill being the essence of a mason.

At this point in time the membership of Hermes Lodge numbers 52 subscribing members and 2 honorary members which puts it as a medium sized lodge, the average age of the Lodge is 64 and is well represented across the age groups.

The annual cost of membership is £156.00 with meals and wine extra.

Along with other masonic Lodges Charity is the Raison d être of Hermes Lodge and to that end several activities are held Lock-down permitting.

Events are held throughout the year with the aim to be raising money to support worthy causes, such as Curry Nights, Last Night of the Proms and we are looking forward to holding a summer fayre once the Masonic centre is completed.

Standards are maintained with a strict dress code of White Shirt Dark or Mourning Suit Black tie and Black Shoes. Members are encouraged to maintain those high standards outside as well as inside the Lodge, and to be an upstanding member of the community.

The Lodge opens at 6.30pm on the third Monday between the months of September to May except for the October meeting when the new Master is installed for that meeting the time will be advised.

You will find Hermes Lodge 6861 a very friendly place to visit and we enjoy meeting new faces where you will receive a warm welcome.


Freemasons who wish to visit contact the lodge secretary Geoff Tuckett

For more information about Hermes Lodge 6861 or Freemasonry in general I would be more than happy to help.

Ken Rose

Hermes Lodge Membership Officer


Daylight Lodge No. 9748


The “Daylight” Lodge is one of the most recent Lodges in the Province of Lincolnshire.  Founded and consecrated in 2001, it does what it says on the tin and meets during the day.

Not everyone is able to attend meetings in the evenings, so this Lodge was formed to accommodate those Freemasons who wished to meet on a Monday morning.

The Lodge meets in February, May, July, and November and is always keen to welcome existing Freemasons as well as new recruits.

If you are interested in joining us, please email the secretary

Louth Masonic Centre







The Masonic Centre
Bolingbroke Road
Fairfield Industrial Estate
LN11 0WA


Lindsey Lodge No. 712
Second Friday September to May inclusive. Installation January.

Hermes Lodge No. 6861
Third Monday, September to May inclusive. Installation October.

Daylight Lodge No. 9748
First Monday, February, July, November and the third Monday in May, (Installation).


St. James Royal Arch Chapter No. 712
Third Friday in October (I), November , February, and March.

Market Rasen Masonic Centre

Masonic Hall
Jameson Bridge Street


Bayons Lodge No. 1286
Monday, on or before the Full Moon October to June inclusive. Installation January.


No Royal Arch Chapter meets at Market Rasen.

St Lawrence Lodge No. 2078

For more information and to join, contact


St Lawrence Lodge 2078 is a long established Masonic craft lodge having been consecrated in February 1885 .

Our Lodge meets each month on the first Monday except for the months of July to September inclusive.

Our meetings take place in a discreet building on Normanby Road, Scunthorpe shown on the map as The Masonic Hall.

This building has a special place in the history of the Lodge and in the hearts of our Brethren. In 1913 charged with finding permanent premises the St Lawrence brethren were offered a piece of land on Normanby Road and utilizing the combined skills of the members they built their own Lodge building which they have occupied for over 100 years.

In its early days the membership reflected the embryonic development of the iron and steel industry that has dominated the Scunthorpe economy since the beginning of the last century. The early brethren included iron makers, administrators and engineers and that tradition has continued through the years. Without forgetting that heritage the mix of our brethren now reflects the changing economic landscape of Scunthorpe now meeting with the common aim of practicing and developing our Masonic principles.

We are enjoying a younger and enthusiastic membership learning from them just as we encourage them to learn from us. We encourage personal contact between our members and active participation in our Masonic activities. We maintain social contact with our new members. The community and Masonic spirit we try to extol has never been more evidenced than the response of the Lodge particularly our younger brethren to the issues and problems that have arisen as a consequence of the current pandemic.

The spirit of our old (in years) Lodge but young in potential and heart evinces that 1913 commitment and endeavour by getting on with the job and serving our community.

Scunthorpe Masonic Centre

Masonic Hall
Normanby Road
DN15 6AJ


St Lawrence Lodge No. 2078
First Monday, October to June inclusive, except May first Tuesday. Installation May.

Industry Lodge No. 4662
Fourth Saturday, January to May inclusive and September to October inclusive, third Saturday December. Installation November.

Pharos Lodge No. 6450
Third Wednesday, October to June inclusive. Installation April.

Lodge of St John No. 7840
Last Tuesday, September to May inclusive except December. Installation October.


St. Lawrence Royal Arch Chapter No. 2078
Second Thursday October, December, February, and April (I).

Chapter of St. John No. 7840
Second Thursday in September, November, March, and May (I).

Lumley Lodge No. 1893


Lumley Lodge No 1893 is some 140 years old; being Warranted on 15 February 1881 and the Consecration Ceremony being held at the Earl of Scarbrough’s Estate Offices, in Skegness, on Thursday 21st April 1881. The Lodge members have a variety of occupations and interests. It has a decidedly youthful approach to Masonry while maintaining the traditions of the Lodge and Freemasonry in general, with a happy, relaxed atmosphere both in the lodge room and at the evening meal afterwards.

Family and friends are invited to our many social events including our well attended Ladies Evening, held in November and our successful Christmas meeting.

Our meetings are held eight times a year from October to May on the third Wednesday of the month at 6.15pm. Our lodge is an up-to-date purpose-built lodge with disabled facilities which cater for all. The meetings are completed in around two hours which allows members and guests to socialise in the comfortable Bar area before sitting down to the evening meal (Festive Board) in the large and well-appointed dining room, the convivial atmosphere of Lumley Lodge ensures that all retire at the end of the evening feeling fully satisfied by the warm atmosphere of fraternal friendship.

As charity plays a large part in the tradition of Freemasonry, raffles are held, and donations collected at meetings and social events to be distributed to enhance the lives of the less fortunate.

‘There are no strangers in Freemasonry, only friends you’ve yet to meet’

 For more information contact:

Derek Butcher

Lumley Lodge Membership Officer

Tel: 07831 329836


Skegness Masonic Centre

Masonic Hall
Holly Road
PE25 3TE


Lumley Lodge No. 1893
Third Wednesday, October to May inclusive. Installation January.

St. Clement Lodge No. 4300
First Wednesday, October to May inclusive. Installation November.


Lumley Royal Arch Chapter No. 1893
Last Thursday October, November, January, February, and March (I).

Sleaford Masonic Centre

Masonic Hall
NG34 7PG


St. Botolph's Lodge No. 588
Second Thursday, September to May inclusive. Installation January.

Daedalus Lodge No. 3843
First Saturday, September to May excluding January. Installation October.

Shire Lodge No. 5610
Third Friday, September to April inclusive. Installation April.

St. Denys Lodge No. 9032
First Wednesday, Sep to Nov inclusive and Feb to June inclusive. Installation June.


Hope Royal Arch Chapter No. 588
First Thursday October, November (I), February, March, and April.

Shire Royal Arch Chapter No. 5610
First Thursday September, first Tuesday December, third Thursday February, and fourth Thursday in April (I).

Spalding Masonic Centre

Masonic Hall
21 Pinchbeck Road
PE11 1QD


Hundred of Elloe Lodge No. 469
Second Thursday, September to May inclusive. Installation January.

St. Godric Lodge No. 7517
First Monday, October to May inclusive. Installation November.

Welland Lodge No. 9556
Fourth Wednesday, Jan, Feb, April, October, the third Wednesday in May and the first Wednesday in December. Installation February.


Welland Royal Arch Chapter No. 469
Fourth Thursday in September, November, January, and March (I).

Shakespeare Lodge No. 426


Shakespeare Lodge was formed in 1835 and is very proud of its traditions and history with Masons travelling from all over the County and even further afield to observe our unique ceremonies.

Part of our tradition is we are a Lunar Lodge meaning we meet on or before the full moon every month except June, July and August this goes back to the time when masons would travel on horseback to the meetings and would use the light of the moon to see their way.

We meet at the Masonic Hall in Spilsby on a Friday evening commencing at 6:30pm these meetings usually last about 2 hours followed by a meal in a relaxed semi formal atmosphere.

Shakespeare is a happy and welcoming Lodge with a membership from a very wide range of backgrounds.  We are always looking to provide guidance and support for new members as well as pastoral support for each other and our families.

Charity is at the heart of all we do, this includes supporting local organisations, for example The Spilsby Food Bank, Spilsby Guides & Scouts and LIVES as well as National & International causes via The Masonic Charitable Foundation.

Although the Lodge is very proud of its traditions it is also forward thinking and utilises social media to maintain links with its members ensuring everyone is involved and engaged. This allows all members to feel they are an integral part of our fraternity irrespective of length of membership.

For more information contact:

Gary Limb

Shakespeare Lodge Secretary

Tel No 01205 751230


Eccles Lodge No. 8632


Eccles Lodge, No 8632, is a Masonic Lodge in the Province of Lincolnshire which was formed in 1973 and warranted in 1974 by The United Grand Lodge of England.

Our membership varies in age from 21 years onwards. We come from a diverse professional and cultural background and we promote various hobbies, including sporting, cultural and social activities, to name a few. We enjoy working together to deliver ritual and ceremonies to the best of our abilities, which makes for very special evenings for candidates, members and visitors alike.

The Lodge meets at The Spilsby Masonic Centre, Halton Road, Spilsby, eight times a year on the second Tuesday from October to May, commencing at 6.30 pm.

Our dress code is dark morning suit, black tie, black socks and black shoes.

As most organisations of similar function and purpose, Masonry has an annual fee of £110.

We presently have 54 subscribing members with an average turnout of 69 %, not including our many visitors from other lodges around the United Kingdom and worldwide; which is testament to the friendly and supportive style of our Lodge meetings and concluding with a convivial evening meal, comprising of a main course and desert, at a cost of £11.

The Lodge values each member’s support at any level. This could take the form of being very involved in the ceremonies and rituals, being more administratively orientated or by simply suggesting and helping to arrange social events. We acknowledge that each member has different amounts of time that they can make available to Freemasonry and we try our best to ensure that all members are warmly welcome at all times.

However, every brother is afforded the opportunity to become better at what they enjoy doing and indeed those things that they find a challenge. All brethren are treated equally, encouraged and supported to attain inner enlightenment through personal growth and development; and to embrace the way in which masonic education adds value and meaning to our lives.

Eccles Lodge organize a number of social events each year. These are varied to accommodate the profile of members that we have. There is always something for everyone to attend. Our social events welcome not just our members but also our friends and their families to come and take part in what is rapidly becoming our unofficial motto, “Enjoyment, friendship and fellowship”.

Each year we collect and donate to various charity organisations locally and around the Province.

We hope you have found the above profile helpful. If you have any question or if Freemasonry is of further interest to you; then you can email our secretary, Mark Brown at who will be most delighted to assist you further.

Spilsby Masonic Centre

Masonic Hall
Halton Road
PE23 5JZ


Shakespeare Lodge No. 426
Friday, on or before Full Moon except June, July, August. Installation January.

Eccles Lodge No. 8632
Second Tuesday, October to May inclusive. Installation April.
Contact the Lodge Secretary


Shakespeare Royal Arch Chapter No. 426
Fourth Tuesday October, November, February (I), March, and April.