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Dear Brethren,

I am Nick Brown and I am the Provincial Learning and Development Officer for Lincolnshire. One of the aspects of my role is to encourage brethren’s understanding of the ceremonies and Freemasonry in general. The United Grand Lodge of England has created the Solomon website. Solomon is the on-line learning platform for Freemasonry.

Welcome modules are intended for those who have recently undertaken a ceremony. There is Welcome Apprentice, Welcome Fellowcraft, and Welcome Master Mason for Craft Masons. There is also Welcome Companion for those who have taken the next step to complete their journey in Pure and Antient Freemasonry and joined the Royal Arch.

These modules include explanation of how a Lodge is organised, historical background to the  various ceremonies, and the significance of signs and symbols. Finally, there is a section on the Tracing Boards, Charges and Working Tools that help deepen our understanding of the Craft. You must join Solomon and enrol on individual modules. I would remind you all to only work through the module(s) linked to the degrees through which you have already progressed. It would ensure the next ceremony is a surprise.

To go to Solomon click here Solomon (ugle.org.uk)

To get directly to Welcome Entered Apprentice Welcome Apprentice (ugle.org.uk)

To get directly to Welcome Fellowcraft Welcome Fellowcraft (ugle.org.uk)

To get directly to Welcome master Mason Welcome Master Mason (ugle.org.uk)

To get directly to Welcome Companion Welcome Companion (ugle.org.uk)

Kind regards

Nick Brown
Provincial Learning & Development Officer, Lincolnshire


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