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Light Blue Clubs are Masonic-based social clubs for all Brethren, irrespective of their age, who are below Provincial Rank. There are already many such clubs in other Provinces and they bring New and Young Masons together in a less formal environment so that they can

Get to meet other masons and with friends and families
Generally enhance their Freemasonry while breaking down old taboos surrounding our organisation.

Ultimately, these clubs are designed to promote further enjoyment of New and Young members’ Freemasonry by enabling them to meet similar Brethren plus their families across the Province. Brethren below Provincial Rank are able to join Lincolnshire Light Blue Club and influence the events it holds, becoming as involved as they are happy to be. Brethren of Provincial rank or above cannot join the Club but can attend social events if invited by a member.

Light Blue Membership Form


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